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5AM is Philly-based producer, musician, graphic designer and creative magnate Sam Andrus. Once a student at the Rhode Island School of Design burning the midnight oil in the studio with a soundtrack always in the background, Sam has since forged his inspirations from jazz fusion, funk, and future beats into a style of bass music known to captivate audiences with a spectacle of mesmerizing detail and high resolution sound design. 5AM’s music merges worlds as it expertly weaves electronic production and live instrumentation through creative processing and meticulous mixing.

To bring his journey full circle, Sam has expanded his project to form the 5AM Trio, a collaboration complete with live drumming from ZONE Drums (Aaron Harel) and turntablism, bass guitar, and keys from Tygris (Zach Plocic).

5AM has soared to new heights over the past year, becoming the first electronic music producer to perform at the historic Kings Theatre in New York City for the sold-out Tipsgiving. With new music and an appetite for high-intensity, emotionally stirring performances, 5AM has stayed true to his nature as an explorer, and is now a seasoned performer who’s shared the stage with Tipper, Shpongle, Jade Cicada, kLL sMTH, Detox Unit, Kalya Scintilla, Random Rab, and more, and lived on and built strong roots up and down the east and west coasts of the US.


Seattle-area DJ/producer Devin Kelly (AKA Adlib) has been an unwavering techno activist for over twenty years. Whether it was through his humble beginnings in small town Idaho or his decade-plus residencies with the Shameless (Seattle) and Monkey Do (Los Angeles) DJ crews, he has long been at the center of the region’s dance music underground. His mixture of heady yet crowd rocking house and techno cuts earn him regular headlining spots at clubs, renegade parties and festival across the Western US and beyond. But he is best known for his co-creation of the legendary Esthetic Evolution music and arts festival and his long career as a political and community organizer. These backgrounds bring a sense of collective empowerment, resistance and celebration into all of his DJ sets and events. His newest project, “For Love and Struggle,” uses music, community and social commentary to bridge these worlds, because there are 33 revolutions on the turntable and one in the streets.


AIDA is a DJ/producer based in Vancouver, Canada. Recognized for her passion and dedication, she has quickly risen to play in internationally renowned spots like Berlin’s Kater Blau and Sisyphos, Burning Man’s Robot Heart, and with NYC’s Resolute crew to name a few. As a frequent face in Vancouver’s nightlife and with her prior residencies in both Vancouver and San Francisco, she has shared the decks with acts like Richie Hawtin, Robert Hood, Mira, Daniel Avery, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Oliver Kolletzki, Cristi Cons, Oskar Offerman, Ivan Smagghe, and more. Her sound is best described as energetic minimal with a bright and weird twist, as she tastefully flows between house and techno to create a balance between groove and drive. AIDA loves to create journeys that take her audience to places stranger than they expected, where they will find something they did not know they were looking for.


Combining dubby roots and halftime drum and bass elements, sets by Aqueous go deep to present over two decades experience in electronic producing and mixing into a live electronics set with tracks from himself and like minded producers who are focused on a more subtle style of sonic explorations.

Ben Annand

In his zone from deep house to techno, Ben Annand pairs impeccably smooth mixing skills with a dynamic style that keeps the music moving, often flowing over breakdowns and always spending most of his time in the mix.

“For me, a great mix is the interplay of 2 unique pieces of music, creating greater than the sum of the parts - and a great set weaves those mixes into a musical flow you can’t help but lose yourself in on the dance floor. Technology changed the game a lot but the goal remains the same.”

Ben learned to mix in 1996 and just 2 years later became resident dj at the famed Moontribe Gathering, and started his own production company, Tropical. The first half of his career was mostly focused on DJing abroad, leading to 13 trips to Moscow’s Propaganda club, travel all over Russia, Spain, and Mexico, an appearance at Wiggle at Fabric in London and two at the Labyrinth Festival in Japan. After marrying his love Jessica in 2009, Ben refocused efforts more locally, and is now one of the top West Coast festival DJs with recent appearances at Oregon Eclipse, Motion Notion (Can), Cascadia NW (WA), Lightning in a Bottle, Sunset Campout, and Desert Hearts (CA), among others.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Tropical has evolved to 500 person sold-out boat parties in the summer and the legendary Tropical Oasis Retreat which has brought together top artists from the West Coast 7 times in California and most recently, Kauai and Maui, Hawaii. A breath of fresh air in the sometimes ego-dominated dj and party world, Ben has donated over $29,000 to charitable causes through Tropical. The winds of change are blowing for Ben Annand who left his teaching job a year ago, then 8 months later left Los Angeles, his home for 29 years, to move to Maui to produce the Tropical Oasis Retreat there. Now relocating with his family to Oregon, Ben is excited to be headed to the West Coast for another festival season.


In the last six years, Nico Bisio, better known as Bizio, has established himself as a major presence in Oregon’s house music scene. As a promoter, DJ, and most recently a producer, his passion for the underground unfolds and thrives through house, techno, and psychedelic music. His inspiration began with trancey and psychedelic sounds fused with a passion for chuggy, deep house grooves. Currently, his style emerges as an eclectic mix of house and techno, weaving in melodic and psychedelic roots with dancey bass lines to form a unique, higher-consciousness vibration that elevates the dance floor. It is an honor and privilege for Bizio to share his personal understanding of the healing power of music and the inspiration it can offer. This is the foundational philosophy that guides his DJ sets and extends to his role as event producer in the city of Eugene. His collaboration on the HOHM and Unita events, featuring artists such as Doc Martin, Pezzner, Christian Martin, Worthy, and Michael Manahan, has helped establish unity among the producers of the Eugene underground scene. Bizio is also well known locally as the father of Soul Tribe Sundays, a weekly underground house and techno event in Eugene since January, 2017. Soul Tribe, held at the highly regarded Hifi Music Hall Lounge, continues each week to provide a space for the local underground scene to connect and grow. At the end of each Sunday night, he always takes the time to thank everyone involved, and most importantly the people who come dance and make the event what is; recognizing that the healing vibration can only be fully realized when we unify to form Soul Tribe.


Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, boizNcatz aka Geoff Laurence, has quickly established himself as an versatile performer. New to the decks & no stranger to the sound, boizNcatz has been curiosuly cat-laborating on events with the PLUR Collective since inception in 2016, hosting the infamous "Pants Off Dance Off" parties in support of HIV/HCV positive youth, and “CatHAUS” which supports newcomers and refugees. Part human, part feral feline, this prowling Queerdo curates beats sprinkled with pawfuls of juicy vocals, low kicks, and crisp hi-hats that keep clawin' back. Hold on to your boots, kitties: boizNcatz will be spinning the uuntz 4 months.

🎤 boiz-N-catz-N-boiz-N-catz 🎤

Booty and the Beats

Booty and the Beats are interplanetary, extraordinary brothas from anotha motha. Burning Man gave them the inspiration needed to pursue their passion of playing music for the sole purpose of booty shaking. They grew up listening to music from every genre, era, and dimension which is reflected in their music. Prepare to get shook to an electronic blend of funk, disco, hip hop and house music

Brightside Blue

"This love story has a soundtrack."  Lindsay Bellows and Ananda Vaughan have found the perfect complements in each other: Lindsay is a soulful songbird, who soars and dives over the lush textures of Ananda's musical landscapes. Equal parts groove and melody, their songs keep audiences delightfully engaged -- tapping feet, singing along, and basking in the love for life that radiates from this couple.

Ananda trained for many years as a jazz guitarist, and has found inspiration in other guitar masters from rock, folk and world music. Lindsay grew up with pop and R&B music, and studied the influencers of her childhood idols -- the soul and blues singers of the mid 20th century. The pair brings together the best of all these genres to create a sound that is authentically and uniquely their own. 

Brooke Would

Brooke’s lovingly curated sound can be identified with eyes closed by those who know. She’s been weaving together others art into textiles all her own for lifetimes now. Sexy, minimal, driven, funky… body music at it’s finest. You can count on some deep energy that starts in the hips, and moves to the heart.

Brit Hansen

I am a human person. I make music with Pezzner as Jacob London. I make music by myself as Hanssen.

Candice Rose

Candice Rose is an emerging singer-songwriter based in Seattle, WA. She has been composing for guitar and voice for over 10 years, and for voice for over 15 years. She holds an Associate Arts degree from Highline Community College with an emphasis in Music for Voice, Theater and Journalism. Her current compositions are informed by her journey toward simplicity, her relationship with anxiety and depression, and embodying authenticity and connection in her music.


Taking influences from 1970's global psychedelic funk and disco, 1980's electro, and 1990's deep house, while infusing this tropical blend with modern sensibilities, CobraWolfShark (Paul Theodore Chandler) transcends the realm of the average DJ locked into a specific genre. Tempos and percussion percolate and warm inviting bass lines interweave from one exotic location to the next, all executed with a sense of reverence and gravity of the source.

As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist from a very early age, a university graduate of Jazz Studies, and a DJ of 20 years it's no surprise that Paul is able to combine his experience and technical proficiency with a great love of discovery and innovation to create magic in of course the studio setting, but even more so in real time, in communion with a living, breathing, and moving audience of participants.

Cobra Wolf Shark has performed both nationally and internationally from inside packed nightclubs and posh ski resorts to atop a giant flame-shooting art car at the annual Burning Man festival held in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. With his network of affiliated DJ's and producers up and down the West coast, CWS is making a name for himself as a secret weapon of deep vibes for festivals and club nights.


CoNectar brings fresh, acoustic folkish freakish heartfelt fun and improv mixed with decades of playing together. Flutes and drums. Strings and beats. Voices and spontaneous choices. We give you something to move through, sing with and smile along to.

Dane Garfield Wilson

Dane rides the line between psychedelic 4/4 and bass/ drumnbass with a penchant for classic hiphop and R+B. Mixed with live vocals, beatmatched vocal percussion loops, and live samples from a commercial voice actor. Dane produces events in the Pacific Northwest as Blue Spectral Storm and is the current owner/ operator of Seattle's iconic underground electronic music and live theater venue, Re-bar,

David Scuba

David is co-owner of Superfreq with Mr.C where he holds down resident DJ duties on a regular basis. An inventive & exciting turntable technician, David’s DJ talents spread much further afield, taking in events across the globe including WMC, DEMF, Burning Man, Resolute New York, Desert Hearts, Superfreq London & Superfreq’s on-going annual residency at BPM Festival in Mexico, playing alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, M.A.N.D.Y, Lee Burridge, Claude Vonstroke, Doc Martin, Marc Houle, Inxec, Bushwacka, Jay Tripwire, Kate Simko, Chloé, DJ T, Simon Baker & Nitin to name just a few.

Derrick Vnuk

Derrick Vnuk is both a charismatic and emotional DJ who has earned an honorary title as one of Vancouver’s top acts. Dj’ing for over two decades, Derrick and his sound have evolved, but what has been preserved is his passion for record selecting, flawless mixing, and the music and its scene. With a unique ability to bend genres, he explores the deeper sides of house by drawing from a plethora of musical subgenres including emotional indie dance, synth-heavy cheeky Italo disco, rhythmically heavy breakbeat, and melodic techno with a harder edge. While his credentials include 20 plus years of DJ’ing and being the co-founder of Vancouver production company ‘Leave Us Lost’, it’s his music that earns him respect. A true storyteller who has mastered the art of communicating emotion without words, Derrick’s moody melodies, intricate bass lines, and atmospheric tracks speak for him.

Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers is the convergence of music producers Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who honed their individual crafts in the mystical deserts of California and New Mexico, long before electronic music reached mainstream. Amani and Treavor combine the raw sounds of the natural world, wrapped in dance-floor and chill-out productions; blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices, and cross-cultural instrumentation into a sonic incense for the mind and body. Desert Dwellers’ unique global sounds are a bridge between worlds, and their label Desert Trax has become a platform to spotlight similar alchemical artists.

Brought together in the late ‘90s through the legendary Moontribe gatherings, in 2019 the duo celebrated their 20th anniversary of making music together, adding depth to their reputation as a pioneering and prolific downtempo, psybass, and tribal house act from the United States. The culmination of two decades of partnership has forged their latest album BREATH, slated for April 26th on Black Swan Sounds, it features over 20 musicians and vocalists over a 10-track journey. Desert Dwellers’ studio output is matched only by their extensive touring history, which juxtaposes performances at America’s most iconic festivals like Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, and Coachella, with high-powered sets at the biggest trance festivals around the world; BOOM in Portugal and Rainbow Serpent in Australia. Desert Dwellers are equally at home in the clubs as they are in the yoga studios, and the jungles, deserts, and mountains of far-flung international festivals."

Dirty Ice


DISSØLV IS A LIVE HYBRID ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PROJECT FUSING GLOBAL INSTRUMENTATION, ELECTRIC VIOLIN AND DANCE PERFORMANCE DISSØLV’s sound rides through waves of mesmeric melodies; from deep dubstep with ethno rhythms to high energy tribal trap. Their live experience is brought to life by electric violin and tribal fusion dance theatrics. Multi-instrumentalists and brothers, Valentin Santana and Andre Reinero, join with tribal fusion dancer, Jasmine Semjase, to create a powerful trinity that embarks on a heavy hitting and hypnotic journey.

DISSØLV has performed alongside some of their most influential artists including Shpongle, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire and Soohan. Their travels have taken them from the Warfield and Fillmore theaters of San Francisco, to many world renowned festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity Festival, Symbiosis Gathering and Burning Man (Opulent Temple, Camp Questionmark), including multiple international appearances in Central America. They have also had special performances with Dr. Bruce Damer and Android Jones. DISSØLV has released 3 Ep’s with multiple singles, including vocal remixes of Wildlight and ALIA. Dissølv has been a resident contributor to labels such as Gravitas Recordings and Kalya Scintilla’s Merkaba Music. Their music has been supported by publishers such as the Untz, Euphoric and Keyframe Entertainment. Experience them live for vibes that will stimulate, elevate and DISSØLV your mind!

DJ ShmeeJay

Born in Sweden, dj ShmeeJay now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he plays the music he loves and is known to talk about himself, in third person, endlessly.

Always the responsible fellow, in order to reduce waste, his bio was created from 100% recycled bios.

DJ Trinitron

DJ Trinitron’s passion for electronic music began in the early 1990’s. She was lucky enough to be able to listen to C89.5, which to this day, plays electronic beats. While attending Seattle University she was also able to experience the underground rave movement. But her true love for Chicago style house came from nights at Flammable at ReBar. Slowly the tech and booty house influence crept in to Seattle and DJ Trinitron found another love. The fateful DJ night occurred at an after hours when a friend looked at her and said “you love music too much. Get on these turntables and figure it out”. She did, and a few months later bought her first set of equipment. She’s spun at multiple nights around Seattle and took it international during her time in Iraq.

Nominated for Best DJ 2013, 2014 & 2015 Seattle Nightlife Awards: Trinitron has DJ'd all over Seattle: Q, ReBar, Monkey Loft, Kremwerk, Last Supper Club, SeeSound, Corbu, LoFi, Electric Tea Garden, Chapel, The Big Building.... and beyond Seattle-Prague, San Francisco, Las Angeles,Portland, Lake Tahoe, Bellingham and a sweet weekly night internationally in Iraq! She has also appeared on the ITV Live internet broadcast, The Vortex on C89.5, and KEXP


Doza a.k.a. Carlos Mendoza (of LawnChair Generals) is very aware of the effect the gloomy Seattle climate has on his music. It's even a point of pride. The weather can drive the city’s music makers indoors and underground, where they cooperate on technique, equipment and events. The camaraderie influences the music, as does the low light. If you're any fan of deep house you've likely heard Doza’s music. Carlos has been contributing to the global house music underground since 2001 as one half of LawnChair Generals, one of the most respected early 00’s house music duos in the U.S. Doza’s solo sound could be considered deeper, darker, more textured than the early works of LawnChair Generals. The first Doza remix of Hanna's "Time" on Viva Recordings in 2002, with its dubbed-out pads and hypnotic rhythms, foreshadowed his future body of work. His Get Physical debut “Ixchel”, “The Doza E.P.” on Doc Martin’s Sublevel imprint, and the sweeping "In Waves E.P." on Supremus Records exemplify Doza’s recurring theme: simple and articulate rhythms carrying strong and evolving narratives that draw the audience in. In 2015 Doza partnered with Pezzner and Michael Manahan on Hunt & Gather Records to deliver forward-thinking music to the world’s discerning dancefloors. The latest fruits of this union are Doza's disco-tech stormer "The Nautilus" followed by chord-bliss "Andy, Wally & Ray", released to enthusiastic support from international artists Âme, John Digweed, Dixon, LTJ Bukem, M.A.N.D.Y., Danny Tenaglia, Seth Troxler, and more.

Dr. Scott

Scott lives and breathes House Music. When not mountain biking, windsurfing, playing competitive table tennis, drinking fine French wine, or shopping for short tight skirts, he is found on the dance floors of underground venues in Seattle. Scott's DJ sets are distinctly dance floor focused, you better eat your Wheaties!


Hailing from the city of Denver, Edamame is the stage name of music producer Ed Harris. Mainly inspired by the great outdoors and different cultures of the world, Ed's productions are often full of organic elements and sounds that he has personally field-recorded while exploring the planet. By synthesizing instrumental hip hop with downtempo and further blending it with his deep love for world music, it's safe to say Edamame has carved a musical style that is truly unique. In his own words he simply creates "songs that help you float". Since starting in 2012, he has released 10 albums (the most recent being on Emancipator’s loci records) that have garnered tens of thousands of downloads, played his music live for fans coast to coast and internationally, had songs played on the radio in countries around the world, and even had United Airlines buy songs from him. It may be hard to believe that he used to be a nationally-touring death metal vocalist.

Erin O'Connor

Seattle. Disco. House.

Gene Lee

I make mixes and the occasional track.

I like long walks on the beach, stars and warm cocoa.


Goopsteppa is Montreal raised Producer/Dj/Artist Alex E.
Fascinated by music, arts and their effects on people from an early age, he was introduced to Djing and electronic music culture in 2007.
After many years of performing as a DJ, he started releasing his own musical creations in the early spring of 2013, making an instant impression on the scene with his blend of futuristic melodic bass music, subversive soundscapes, captivating beats and surreal textures. This lead to an appearance on Seattle based Mycelium Music, followed by releases on the Luminosity Project winter solstice compilation and an EP on bay area’s Street Ritual Records.

Jake the Rapper

Jacob Dove Basker was born in 1970 in the Bronx. He didnt really grow up in New York , more like all over the northern U.S., including places like Moscow (Idaho) and Chicago; But he feels most at home in Seattle. Jake was 14 when he played his first show ever in Spokane with his freshly formed College-Punk combo out of Pullman, Washington.
Jake left America in 1990 to get a different perspective on the first gulf war, started by the first Bush. He arrived with 500 dollars, which he managed to stretch over six months using his exotic charm, Henry Miller style. He then discovered the Hamburg Art College (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) and stayed there until he emerged with an officiallooking slip of paper from the state, officially extolling him as a bona fide artist. This enabled him to become a New Media trollop for a stint, although Jake has always been more of a jack of all trades. Trades like comic artist, tattoo artist, animator, niceguy and wiseguy. But the music has always been the vehicle to propel him down the endless one way street that is life.

He played in several bands, including a Sonic Youth-like artpunk band in Hamburg for years Jake started rapping in 1992, first under the patronage of Die Patinnen, then with the Jonas Schoen Sextett and as the leader of the Jazz rap combo M.C. Eye & Blind Jazz. But it was in the Hamburg hiphop training camp Trainingslager that Jake learned to freestyle. The cross-styling also started soon thereafter,with beatboxer Mark Boombastik and Felix Kubin in Jakes other band, Anaerobic Robots (Gagarin Records). 
Then Jake moved to Berlin in 2005 and everything changed.

He released his self-titled LP, a crossover between hip hop, electro, and house. Then he discovered the Bar 25 and basically never left. he became a resident there in 2006 and remained a part of the family until its final closing. During that time he became a well-known and vital fixture in the Berlin party scene, quickly developing into a sort of lovable, eccentric, deep house legend on the decks across Europe. He tours incessantly, spreading his special eclectic but funky blend of music and his joyful vibes. Now he is a resident and has his studio in Kater Holzig. In Berlin, Jake plays regularly in Watergate, Arena, Ritterbutzke, Wilde Renate, Stadtbad Wedding, Sisyphos, and Chalet. His own productions include now classics like "Hollow Inside" and "Less Talking". He has worked together with many artists, including Format B, Terranova, H.O.S.H., Alexander Kowalski, Channel X, Oliver Koletzki, making tracks like "Somerthing Suitable", "Snug Descent (I love the couch, baby)", "50 ways to Love Your Liver" and his recent release "Animal Instincts" with Sascha Braemer, on Stil Vor Talent. When Performing, Jake has been described as being able to create a bridge between old school and new school, house and techno, while keeping a constant pressure on the dance floor, building steady suspense and then a much celebrated release, all the while remaining perfectly calm amidst the craziness, and generally smiling like a loon.

James Sorrell

I was born an audiophile and have always been listening. When I was a papoose my safety blanket was a pair of old headphones and a gain knob within reach during nap times and still is after over four decades today. Theres nothing more comforting than sub sonic bass frequencies and a bouncing mid range sprinkled with a melodic high end to soothe any and every emotion. When it comes to music and audio in general, it has a way of carrying us off and elevating our spirits every single time we close our eyes and just listen. Tribal rhythm and drums is where it all started for me growing up as a local northwest native american. My tribal roots run deep and I incorporate my heritage into every set I play by layering in ethnomusic percussion, in a sense grounding my sound back to where it all began for me as a child. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of trippy weird spacey sounds and thats probably why I love techno so much as well, but every chance I get, I am going to create a soundscape that takes you on an emotional and spiritual journey. I play music in hopes to make an immediate connection with my listener and help them to find ways to make a deeper connection within themselves. Music is my weapon against all of the chaos and animosity in this world that we live in. I hope to only elevate you while you give me your ears.

Jamie Schwabl

Music lover, DJ, and producer Jamie Schwabl encompasses many different elements in her sound, and her upbeat, vivacious presence is contagious to all. Born and raised in Southern California, she developed her passion for performing at an early age beginning with ballet, theater, percussion, and then DJing. A few good bookings in 2007 led to her opening for the top progressive and techno DJs in the world, when she landed a residency with Giant in Orange County in late 2008. This was a huge break that led to her playing for Giant in other cities, and regular bookings in Los Angeles at the legendary Avalon Nightclub. In 2013 she co-founded the record label and DJ collective, Wulfpack. The label made waves quickly and won “Favorite Label” at the 2015 Los Angeles House Music Awards. Her love for many genres makes for an exciting journey that is ever changing and evolving. From groovy driving late night techno, to deep and uplifting sunrise sets, there is a feel-good vibe that Jamie creates that is truly unique and timeless. This also comes through in her music productions. She is currently writing music as Jamie Schwabl and under the moniker Om Phonic with Wülfpack partner, Aaron Jacobs. She is a resident DJ for Wulfpack, Tropical Events, and Salvage Sundays LA.

Jared Love

With its infectious rhythms giving way to hypnotic bass lines, Jared Love’s music builds on a spectrum of influence ranging from Jazz and R&B to early electronica; his is a passion for music that goes beyond just DJing and production.

Love’s story emerges in the early 2010s, in the midst of Vancouver’s burgeoning underground music scene. While dedicating most of his time to musical production, Jared had begun stepping outside of the studio and revealed a talent behind the decks that soon earned him residencies at staples such as Gorg-O-Mish Afterhours and MIA, as well as regular bookings with Open Studios and Soundtrade Productions.

Jay Tripwire

A full pelt wavering between tribal moments,& more modest slabs of Detroit-inspired soul. The crowd respond at every turn." - Steve McLay, DJ MAG Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another.His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades,with over 200 vinyl releases, 2 commercial mixed cd compilations, and four full length albums.He remains one of the most prolific artists around, with an average of 15 releases per year and is always an in demand remixer he averages 10-15 remixes per year.


In 2010 Jay Was honoured by being named by Future Music alongside Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Charles Webster, Atjazz, and Tom Middleton as being one of the most influential Innovators in house music for “The thoughtful minimal stylings of Jay Tripwire.” Most recently he’s completed a compilation mix for Steve Bug’s respected label Pokerflat – ‘Shaping Elements Vol.8’ which features a blend of deep house ranging from Detroit inspired textures to modern European house and tech house fusions, blurring genrefication. This follows releases on the label under his 8Channels name - a project that melds basic channel, cosmic soul and dub into a new hybrid soundscape of techno, deep house and dub. The moniker also appears on other highly regarded labels such as Ransom Note, Conya, NRK, Cinematic and Hallucination.


Whilst the term ‘legendary’ is often bandied about with little thought, in Jay’s case we could say just that - his personal arsenal of re-edits and comfort in arranging extended DJ sets lasting eight hours or more certainly demonstrates a talent that deviates from standard fare. Jay also still supports,buys and plays vinyl, and actively seeks out records to play at gigs, when Tripwire is on the decks he plays a vinyl and CD set. Jay has made appearances in over 200 cities worldwide, and some of his most memorable gigs have been in his 10 years of bookings at Fabric London- a venue that has changed his approach to Djing, and production sound. Jay’s work has been featured on numerous compilations, notably from Cocoon, Fabric, Renaissance, Journeys by DJ, Ultra & Bedrock,and is supported by a diverse spectrum of dance culture from house luminaries such as Doc Martin and Kerri Chandler to techno legends Steve Bug and Laurent Garnier and John Digweed. With anticipated releases and remixes imminent, the Tripwire production wheel is still very much in motion, and on its way to a turntable near you.

Jesse Sugar Moore

Jesse Sugar Moore wants to take you on a journey. Inspired by a broad range of music, from house and disco to ambient and experimental, from techno to jazz and classical to classic rock, from Latin to African and Middle Eastern to American folk, Jesse strives to create mixes that are at once reflective of that which inspires him and cohesive in their presentation. He thrives as a musician when he's able to convey some sort of a story, whether emotionally, sonically, rhythmically, conceptually, or some combination therein -- Ultimately, the story told is that of a deep love of music, and the journey undertaken is the age-old tradition of seeking transcendence and freedom in rhythm and sound.

Klozd Sirkut

Klozd Sirkut is a fresh and welcome new addition to the ever expanding 'Live-Tronica' scene. Spearheaded by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe’s Trumpeter Chris Littlefield, this action packed group of well-seasoned funk musicians, harness the latest advances in music technology to it’s fullest potential. Their evolutionary sound is derived from a vast pallet of influences layered with a heavy dose of Electronic Dance Music. Embarking on a mission to rock the modern club scene, Klozd Sirkut comes fully loaded with an arsenal of next level musicianship, songwriting and production. With their unique hybrid electro instrumental setups, this formidable ensemble creates a captivating, beat driven sonic landscape. It's a brave new world out there where the future is now, and Klozd Sirkut is the way forward !

Korra the Kid

Korra the Kid has entered the Seattle underground bass scene at an unheard-of speed. As Deep N Bass's youngest resident DJ, she specializes in liquid drum and bass and halftime, but her long history in music and mixing has let her become a DJ who is fluent in the many genres of underground bass. Korra the Kid is also the co-founder of Bellingham’s only drum and bass night Rinse Out and part of Metanoia Collective.
After sharing the stage with big name artists such as Spectrasoul, Chimpo, Truth, Machinedrum, Clozee, Icicle, and more, Korra the Kid has become a name synonymous with clean, quick transitions and unique mash ups. She has performed at festivals all over the northwest, including Summer Meltdown and Cascadia. Having mixed for over four years and performed at prestigious venues such as Kremwerk, Q Nightclub, Monkey Loft and The Wild Buffalo, it is clear her mixing style is the product of practice and an understanding of the underground music scene.


Born in the marshy swampland of the south eastern united states. Surrounded by willows and whippoorwills. Electronic music lover since age 13. Dj since age 17. Producer since age 20. Current style ranges from soft and melodic to crunchy and wet. Moody dubs & breakbeat with intelligent influences. Land's style has been described as bassy and deep. Intricate and loose.


Jeff McIlwain has been producing his diverse, melodic strain of abstract electronic music as Lusine for a decade and a half. Originally a Texas native, McIlwain moved to the West Coast in the late '90s to study electronic music and sound design at CalArts. It was during this time in L.A. that he would meet Shad T. Scott, who subsequently put out Lusine's self-titled debut on his Isophlux imprint. McIlwain relocated to his current home of Seattle in late 2002 and began steadily releasing his music on Ghostly International. He has also contributed tracks to various compilations and remix releases from Cocoon, TemporaryResidence, Mute, !K7, Kompakt, Asthmatic Kitty, and Shitkatapult. As Lusine, McIlwain has performed throughout the US and abroad, including sets at London's esteemed Fabric nightclub (RIP), Tokyo's Unit, Berlin's Watergate, and Melbourne's Electric Owl.


Recent tour dates include appearances with electronic luminaries like Tipper and Blockhead, as well as playing at various events with a live drummer (Trent Moorman). In addition to his Lusine productions, McIlwain has been involved with various film projects that include The Sitter (Jonah Hill, 2011) and two David Gordon Green movies, Snow Angels (featuring Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell, 2007) and Joe (Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan, 2013) with music writing partner David Wingo. McIlwain most recently collaborated with Wingo on the film score for Meredith Danluck's State Like Sleep (2018). Following Lusine's acclaimed The Waiting Room from 2013 and 2014's Arterial EP, Sensorimotor, was released on Ghostly International in 2017, accompanied by Michael Reisinger's amazing video for "Just a Cloud." He is currently working on a forthcoming EP for Ghostly, set for release in 2019.

Luxora Major

Luxora Major is an eclectic bass producer, currently carving out her place in the World Bass scene. As a classically trained musician, her production stands out among the rest. She pulls from many different cultures and inspirations, carefully bringing them together to craft a unique experience, both recorded and live. Skillfully and intentionally weaving together her original music with tunes from some of the best in bass music, Lux curates some of the best parties on the dance floor. She also adds depth to her live set by often adding organic elements such as live piano, synths, and drums.
Luxora Major is no stranger to the music industry. When not on stage or in the studio, you can usually find her behind the scenes helping produce your favorite music & arts events, both locally and internationally. In 2018, Luxora Major shared festival lineups with artists like CloZee, Desert Dwellers, Thriftworks, Dimond Saints, and The Polish Ambassador. This upcoming 2019 festival season you can find her making her debut at The Untz Festival, opening for Clozee in Portland, and embarking on a west coast tour.

Marcell Marias

I make hybrid electronic music which ranges from ambient and downtempo to house, tech house and deep tech. My concern is the utilization of music and sound as a unifying and healing force. I also make visuals and prefer sharing a wholistic AV performance with people.

I've collaborated with several pioneering artists, including Berlin-based DJ Tanith, The Seed record label owner Bill Kraemer, UK singer/songwriter Henta and surround sound guru David Miles Huber.

As a remix artist, I take great pleasure in working with other artist's sonic palette, reworking the colors onto my particular canvas. I also compose soundtracks, having completed scores for two full length movies. My video credits are numerous, including music and sound design for several short movies and experimental video projects.

Marques Wyatt

Sonic love travels in many dimensions and as it relates to music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal pioneer and is undoubtedly one of the most respected DJ's in the United States and a West Coast legend. In addition to producing some of LA's most legendary clubs/events, many associate him with "DEEP," the illustrious event that he nurtured in his hometown of Los Angeles - thriving and continuing today for well over 19 years. He is one of the few DJ's that have managed to cross pollinate audiences and merge at least two generations of music fans on his dance floors. Thus, he is in demand at clubs, as well as on the festival circuit alike, stateside and abroad. Marques' unerring, knowledgeable selections are sure to stir up some emotions and known to turn huge dance floors into intimate rituals.

Meta Zen

"He's one of my favorite DJ's hands down... " : Phutureprimitive Meta Zen : a mission of healing through art. Meta Zen is a multimedia art project comprised of djing, music production, dancing, event production, visual art, photography, web development, technological programming, poetry, and jewelry. Mauricio Zuniga was born in Costa Rica in 1977 and started to DJ in 1996 while at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. He now resides in Portland, Oregon Mauricio owned and built the psychedelic record shop, For 6 years, Chaos Existence was responsible for bringing some of the best psychedelic electronic music to the Pacific Northwest as well as shipping it around the world. He has been an avid dj and dancer contributing to the community. He has also thrown many events bringing world class talent to the PNW. Most notably, Mauricio was responsible for bringing Tipper to the Phoenix Festival in the mid 2000’s and brought acts such as Drumspyder, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Bird of Prey for the first time to Portland, Oregon. Mauricio currently works with Rose Entertainment and Mettā, throwing premiere events continuing to bring cutting edge music. He was nominated by his team as a Rose Entertainment resident DJ.

Michael Manahan

For those in the Underground Dance Community of the Pacific Northwest the name Michael Manahan is synonymous with quality events and memorable DJ sets.
Residing in Seattle, Michael brings over 20 years of experience, either behind the decks or behind the scene. With this influence, Michael has become a prolific music producer, offering up a spattering of creations that range from House, Techno, Ambient, Downtempo and experimental. 

Mike McSuede

Mike McSuede is a music lover through and through. That passion is apparent every time he gets behind the decks. Vibed out house and techno with pulsing hypnotic rhythms are his signature sound. Currently the manager and resident DJ at Vancouver's Open Studios, Mike delivers the expert skills he's honed at many a event over the years.

Miss Min.D

Originally from the deserts of Wyoming, Miss Min.D has found her home in the Seattle music scene in 2004. Co-founding of production companies such as Skunky Beats, DJ4NORML and most recently Fraktured, in the greater Seattle area, Miss Min.D has over 14 years of throwing shows and jamming beats! She has ranged from UK Hard House, Electro House, Disco swing house, Booty Breaks and most recently Liquid Drum and Bass. Playing with many names such as DJ Dan, Krafty Kuts, Left/Right and Donald Glaude she has held several residencies at local hot spots around Seattle such as Last Super Club, Club Contour and Noc Noc. Her current love for breaks and house has found her current residency at Fraktured Sundays at Kremwerk and Soft Option DLC at Monkey Loft. Her style and energy behind the decks is a force to be reckoned with and will never disappoint! With great track selection and energy through the roof, she hopes to make that booty clap and you drop it down low on the dance floor! Hope you’re ready to dance!

Miss Shelrawka

Dave Segal writes: "...[Miss Shelrawka] brings an East Coast energy and grittiness to her techno and house mixes. They're also incredibly sexy, featuring much percolating hand percussion; swiveling, loin-engorging bass lines; cooing, groaning, and sighing vocals; and ass-smacking beats...-a low-slung, funky, tribal strain of minimal techno-with excellent aesthetics and technique...." - The Stranger, DATA BREAKER

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers first emerged in the heyday of the San Francisco underground bass-music movement, and shaped the scene with his all original psychedelic midtempo, dub and glitch sets. A staple in the west coast festival circuit, his unique syle has earned him prime time slots at major music festivals world-wide including Rainbow Serpent in Australia, Satya in Israel, Lost Theory in Croatia, Envision in Costa Rica, and Shambhala in Canada, to name a few.


Mr. Rogers continues to tour the world after the success of many independent releases on his own label, Ooze System, and his breakout side project, PEGA5U5.


NAVVI is the experimental electro-pop project formed by Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger. The Seattle duo blends pop melodies with darker, looming beats and production.

Night Train

The Harmonica wielding DJ that loves music, people, puns and B horror movies!! Crossing the bridge between analog and digital is Night Train. Choo Choo!!


Nitin has worn many hats in dance music. Promoter, Label Owner, Record store owner, producer but first and foremost, a DJ. Beginning his career in London, Ontario, Canada, he was one of the founding fathers of the electronic music scene in the city. If you lived in the London Ontario area between the years of 1994 & 2005, you would have heard the mixes, stepped foot in the events, and listened to the music that Nitin enlightened the city with.

Nitin’s love affair with music began at an early age. His initial musical spectrum included Hip Hop, early Electro and New Wave. It wasn’t long before the radio waves of Detroit caught his ears; and he was hooked. It was clear that Techno & Tech House was the platform, and a direction was chosen. It wasn’t long before he also became (now long time) friends with another London Ontario native, John Acquaviva, who opened him up to a plethora of music and knowledge.

In 2005 Nitin made the decision to migrate to Canada’s musical hub, Toronto, where he joined the newly launched Gem Events team, and began to hypnotize the city with an onslaught of tailored events ranging from underground warehouse & afterhours parties, all-sized nightclub events, up to 10,000 plus concerts & festivals across the Americas.

Nitin’s DJ career has spanned over 15 years having played from Coast to Coast across Canada, down to Ultra Music Festival, WMC, Miami, and The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and across the oceans to the UK. Along with festivals, Nitins enjoyed the privilege of spinning at a few notable venues including BLK|Markett in Brooklyn and the Standard Rooftop in LA.

Playing alongside many of the worlds Top DJ’s, Nitin regularly shares the decks with the likes of M.A.ND.Y, Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Audiofly, Art Department, Tale of Us, Dennis Ferrer, to name a few. Being referred to as “One of the most technically gifted DJ’s around” it’s evident that Nitin is here to stay.

Fast forward to 2014, and Nitin has built a respected name for himself. He’s a player in the recent explosion of Toronto artists on the word stage. Nitin has been hard at work in the studio focusing on his productions.

In 2008 launched the well-respected No.19 Music with Label Partners Jonny White. Already the label has released originals and remixes from from Legends DJ Sneak, Stacey Pullen, Justin Drake, Osunlade, Maceo Plex, Art Department, Jamie Jones, Soul Clap, and many more. The No.19 brand has played a significant role in the formation of a new wave of dance music and their masters.


Bass music from the puget sound


Parham was born in Tehran and moved to the States in the late 90's, currently based in Seattle. He started playing string instruments as a child and developed a taste for New Age and World Music.

Parham's interest in electronic music developed during the late 80's & early 90's when the genre was gaining commercial popularity. Fascinated by the legendary Jean Michel Jarre and other electronic music pioneers, Parham's speakers & headphones were dominated by the sounds pulsating from Proton Radio, which provided heavy doses of the genre by way of DJ mixes from all around the globe. Legendary radio shows, such as John Digweed's "Transitions" became a source of inspiration for Parham. A life long lover of music, Parham refers to Pink Floyd, The doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, John Digweed & Nicholas Jaar as his main influences.


David Brian Pezzner was born in Tarzana, California in 1975 and currently lives in Seattle, Washington. He is 5 foot 7 inches in height and weighs about 165 lbs. Besides writing music for night clubs and headphones, Pezzner composes music for vision and function, and teaches electronic music writing concepts in his Seattle based studio. 

He sleeps exactly like any other man but, as you will no doubt have noticed, he is not an orthodox painter of the old school, but rather a modern artist. A designer of sound.


DJing since 1993, craftily avoiding pigeonholes for as long. Creator of the Jaded Review and Magpie Modular.DJing since 1993, craftily avoiding pigeonholes for as long. Creator of the Jaded Review and Magpie Modular.


Quan brings the high energy booty-shaking breaks, the nasty drum and bass, and the sexy bedouin down-tempo glitch vibes. A lover of music and the stage, his interactivity with the crowd comes with intention and a love of the collective experience. A consummate actor and professional teacher, his connection to his audience and ability to read a room is undeniably refined. He has been spinning since 2000 and has enjoyed playing out internationally as well as at multiple state-side festivals, club-nights and private parties. Let Quan raise your vibration with a feel-good high-energy break set, screw up ya face with those nasty dnb chunes, or set the mood with a deep, bass-heavy glitch set.

Ralph Reign

Straight outta' the Astral Plane, is Ralph Reign. Dive into rich funky/jazzy hip hop rooted textures, woven with conscious and delicately crafted lyrics.


Recess is one of the founders of Shameless Productions and has a long illustrious tenure in the underground music scene of Seattle. Recess' dance floor oriented DJ sets often reflect Shameless' aesthetic by focusing on forward thinking music while cherishing the gems of the past. Many years ago he began a yoga practice which has continued on today. His eclectic interest in music and desire to bring yoga to the dance music community led to DJing the first Yo Yo Yoga event at the Electric Tea Garden with many more to follow.


"Known for taking his DJ sets to the next level, continuously rocking crowds time and again, Rhines has developed a style and honed a technique that is all his own. Playing a prime selection of Progressive, Techno, Tech-House, Psy and Breakbeat sources, his style is difficult to pin down. His sets tend to defy the idea of a single genre, incorporating multiple styles into a tight, fluid & cohesive mix that takes the dance floor to new heights, becoming something new and exciting every time. A love for rhythm and syncopation, movement and energy, and that deep, dark and dirty bass has always been the driving force behind his mixing, programming, and track selection. Rhines is a master in hypnotizing dance floors making each track he drops a part of the whole sonic experience. Break the Beat or Four to the Floor... Rhines is tapping into new dimensions of aural satisfaction with his infectious sound. One of Innerflight Music's original DJs and co-conspirator of the label, Rhines arrived in the Northwest as a permanent fixture on the Seattle scene, producing events and holding down a 7+ year monthly event, 'DROP' with the crew, while also performing at a variety of bookings regularly. With Ninjaskillz in CA he has co-produced club nights and underground events in and around the Los Angeles area, as well as outdoor events and parties all over Southern California and Mexico. Currently he has focused his time and energy into a Progressive-Techno artist project, producing original tracks and remixes as 'SPON.10.80' with releases for labels such as Innerflight Music, Underground Music Records, and Cloudy Moon Records.

Riz & Rob

riz started 30 years ago playing hip hop and r&b at the ever-fabulous and unending rebar. rob started playing 30 years ago at raves and parties in various independant spots around seattle. they met at kcmu / kexp while starting out in their individual exploits. they are together, 30 years friends. 30 years of love. now married. now playing together. love won. love wins. love

Rob Noble

Constantly evolving and pushing his craft, Rob has been a dedicated DJ and performer for the past 15 years based out of Seattle.


Affiliations: UGSF, NoFOMO/PDX, Bottom Forty/SEA Sappho is a music selector and soul reflector. Forever searching for music to contribute to the soundtrack of the cosmic travels of nightlife, she relentlessly researches, expands on a narrative and exposes the listener to music they may have never heard but love and keeps it QUEER. Residencies include: Portland Oregon’s NoFOMO parties; the nightclub, Underground SF, in San Francisco; and Bottom Forty in Seattle, WA.

Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose is a multi-talented Canadian singer/songwriter, musician DJ and producer.  Born into a musical family, she started learning to play musical instruments at age 4, and began writing songs at age 12.  She got her first taste of international stardom at age 10 while touring Europe as a member of a children's chamber choir.  From age 16, she began an extensive professional solo touring career, which has taken her through the U.S, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, South America, and Europe.

She has performed as a member of many live acts including Liberation Movement, Freedom Tribe, Prezident Brown, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Tina Malia, Hamsalila, Goddess Alchemy Project, the Funginears, Shimshai, Signal Path, Sasha Butterfly Band, Everyone Orchestra, Blane Lyon and the Real, Jah Levi, and others.  In 2009 she performed in a choir backing Joan Baez.

She has recorded vocals on over 30 albums including two Random Rab albums, Most of Tina Malia, Shimshai, Blane Lyon and Jah Levi's albums, Tea Leaf Green's 2008 album Raise Up the Tent, Mimosa's 2009 album Hostilis, and many more.  In 2011 she co-produced Qi Goddess (with Jami Deva), which is geared towards healing and meditation. 


Sharlese Metcalf got her start as a resident DJ of Seattle's goth industrial wave crew, Second Sight in 2012.  Hosting shows at the iconic Electronic Tea Garden, Sharlese drew inspiration from her time there, and was introduced to Kate Moore who was commonly interested in very similar music. When Second Sight disbanded, Sharlese and Kate commenced with their first collaboration called Audiodrome at Pony, a minimal synth/coldwave focused night. After about a year together, Kate and Sharlese moved to Krewmerk to found their current night, False Prophet. Sharlese is a connoisseur of music, DJs frequently around town and also works at KEXP 90.3 FM as the host and producer of Audioasis and is a rotating host on Expansions. 

Sunshine Jones

Sunshine Jones is often called a "house legend" from San Francisco. A founding member of Dubtribe Sound System. He also makes electronic music by himself. He travels the world performing a live/DJ set - live mixing, singing, re editing on the fly, and championing the idea that literally anything you can syncopate is house music. He re edits for leisure, experiments with electronics for adventure, is often in an airplane, and is very kind to children.

Sunshine Jones believes in love. That said, he understands that sometimes love is difficult to imagine.

Sunshine Jones believes in you.

Tait Modern

Tait is a positive force who’s woven into the fabric of Seattle's underground music community. A builder of creative alliances, beautiful spaces and tough beats, Tait’s evolution as an artist flows with the story of the growth of the burgeoning dance music metropolis. As a key player in Uniting Souls, Tait’s current house sound represents a hard, edgy sound true to his punk rock and drum & bass roots. In the early days with the crew, he helped bridge the house-heavy roster with the city’s finest drum & bass talent, and with his drive to create more avenues for the music that moved him, ignited other nights around the city. Tait’s role with the now-legendary epicenter that was Electric Tea Garden was a labor of love that signified a growth point for him as a DJ and promoter, hustling for all the various crews who ran their regular and one-off nights at the venue. He’s passionate about pushing the edges of DJ performance and building alliances to create memorable experiences, including the beloved summertime Cascadia festival.

Unlimited Gravity

Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) is a multi-talented life-long musician originating from the heart of the contemporary electronic music scene, Denver, Colorado. The Unlimited Gravity sound is best described as an ingenious alchemical hybrid, combining the chaotic energy of crunchy crunk beats with the calculated precision and intensity of a classically trained composer. Setting himself apart from the masses, Ronnie has the unique ability to masterfully create the most marvelous dichotomy of sound within each track. Two dynamically oppositional forces are pitted against each other in a musical battle royale; the result is always a titanic struggle of epic proportions from which only Unlimited Gravity could possibly emerge victorious.

Performing live using completely original productions, Ronnie tramples genre boundaries with an energy that is utterly impossible to replicate. Unlimited Gravity adheres to no laws; he defies physics with his musical feats and is helping to usher in a new era of musicality, creativity and originality in electronic music. As Vice President of the Mile High Sound Movement, one of the most influential artist collective groups from Denver, Unlimited Gravity is changing the face of electronic and bass music industry forever.

Vibrational Souls

Combining ancient sound healing instruments with contemporary frequency therapies, Vibrational Souls is a truly uplifting performance to experience. When Chaz, a long time DJ and sound healer...met Nova, a multi cultural performance artist and shamanic practitioner... they decided to expand upon their shared love of progressive and percussive world music by exploring it together. Vibrational Souls mixes live instruments, organic sounds, healing frequencies, and deep bass to bring you therapeutic dance music.

Wesley Holmes

Wesley Holmes has been integral in the Northwest's dj & dance community for the past 25 years. He was among a core group that pioneered the house music movement in the Seattle Region. His extensive list of club/event productions, residencies, and behind the scenes efforts over the years have helped provide the foundation for the thriving dance scene that exists in Seattle today. His abilities behind the decks, musical depth, and outright love for house music are renowned and resonate through his infectious DJ sets and mixes. Wesley’s current residencies with Flammable, Lost, and Upper Left keep him both on the front edge of the underground and in front of some of the largest electronic music audiences in the NW.


YAIMA is a Cascadian Folktronic Music Duo based in Seattle WA. 2014-present

Creating a deeply captivating and finely tuned container for their audiences- YAIMA (Mas Higasa and Pepper Proud) allow the listener the opportunity to Journey through Sonic Soundscapes traversing sensually stimulating and heart centered compositions deeply inspiring each listener to return to their truth. Their music is reminiscent of well known music groups such as Purity Ring, Massive Attack, Bjork, Portishead, Wildlight, Emancipator and Lulacruza.

YAIMA’s music is interwoven with intention and acknowledgment for the elementals. As the earth transmutes through fire, the winds move the water, the water falls and replenishes the earth- the cycles of gratitude and reciprocity is what weaves these harmonies and deeply pulsing rhythms into a unique and balanced sensational journey. 

The name YAIMA emerges from two sources one from the Mapudungun language meaning "that which water runs through”and the other from the gorgeous Island District of Okinawa Japan. Over the last 5 years, YAIMAs music has been reaching the ears and hearts of listeners from all around the world.


Landscape and memory have always played a central part in the music of Joe Corrales Jr. aka Yppah (pronounced “yippah”). It’s what gives his tunes their sense of place, their physicality, and their ethereal – almost nostalgic – sweetness. Drawing on a cultural heritage that took in My Bloody Valentine alongside hip hop and heavily influenced by various forms of electronic music, psychedelic soul and rock, his music often mixes guitars shoved through massive reverbs/delays, keyboards/synthesizers, live drums, and other techniques. Alluring, uplifting and imbued with natural, unaffected warmth that cuts through the most biting cold, Yppah’s music gives listeners an experience that is both rooted and revitalizing.

Yppah currently has three albums available on Ninja Tune; You Are Beautiful All The Time (2006), They Know What Ghost Know (2009), and Eighty One (2012).
His third album reflects a change in the landscape around him. Midway through the process of recording the demos for what became Eighty One, Corrales started making regular trips to Galveston, on the Texas Gulf coast, to surf. So energized was he by his experiences, he left his home in Texas and moved to Long Beach, California. Unsurprisingly then, he says that the images he had in his head as he made his new music were of the sea and the beach. “I wanted a lot of the songs to feel like a warm wash,” he explains. The record takes its title from the year Corrales was born and, perhaps the very act of moving away from childhood locales stirred up “memories from random times in my life. Like I was trying to recreate certain feelings I had at different points in my life with melodies, if that makes any sense.” And he goes on to ask, “You know how when you’re a child you feel your life has a certain melodic theme that you can’t really put your finger on and you can almost hear it, but it’s not anything you’ve ever heard before?” Eighty One is his attempt to capture those melodies.
Yppah is now performing material from Eighty One with a live band with rotating members sometimes featuring singer, producer and classically trained violinist, Anomie Belle.


Live, laugh, and love.

Zoie Mizuna

DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist and Auntie Zoie Mizuna (MI-zu-na) brings a global consciousness to ecstatic, deep house and world dance communities across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Inspired by her travels abroad, Zoie explores the edges of the underground music scene gathering richly textured and provocative tracks for the ears and heart of her audience. Merging sounds from Oaxaha to Moscow, Istanbul to São Paulo her delicate, subtle and compositional mixing style take fans on a journey into a collective celebration of Ancestor and Truth. Through playfulness, curiosity and determination, Zoie has been catching the ears of Northwest based productions like Project EVA, Bass and Blankets, and the Sonosphere Salon since early 2018 and continues to make waves as a curator in her new female entrepreneur-lead event collective - Love, Cascadia. As a mixed first gen Afghan-American, Zoie hopes to be a space maker for aspiring girls and women of color DJs to share the stage and positions of influence in the community in order to create a more inclusive and gender-balanced music industry. With artist collaboration and music production on the horizon, we’ll be excited to see what’s next in store for this weaver of worlds.

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