Sustainability sits at the cornerstone of life in Ecotopia. A loving space of connectedness and wisdom, this compassionate village opens its heart to all, cultivating a safe, healing space intimately held by the living land we honor. The interconnectivity of Cascadia is also within the ecological web. Each minor part is a fraction of a whole and as we become skilled in following the natural way, we extend the microcosm created here into the macrocosm of greater existence. We change the world.


You are invited to share a story at the Sacred Fire Ecotopia keeps, as the physical flame reflects your own eternal spark. Regenerate through the many gifts of healing work and find safety and serenity in the arms of authentic acceptance. Grounded in preservation and restoration, valuing progress with tradition, the children and the elders dance among the spirits together in this intentional space.


When you camp in Ecotopia, you become part of a system built to nurture and cultivate love. The community shares knowledge of sustainable practices that you will bring into your daily life and throughout the planet, trading skills of reuse, reduction and recycling. The gems that sparkle in the nature-based art are like the sparkle of self-empowerment and freedom shining from within your true self.

Ecotopia is our Family Camp and is affiliated with the Kids' Zone as well.

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