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Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival

General Camping Information



The community of Granite Falls is excited to have us.  Drive through town and say hello!  We also offer great appreciation to our venue, the Masonic Family Park, operated by the Master Masons Club of Snohomish and Island Counties, who have also been wonderfully supportive.



Masonic Family Park

24310 Mountain Loop Hwy,

Granite Falls, WA 98252


The festival is an easy ~1 hr drive NE from Seattle, Wa. Check out distances from major cities here!



Friday: 10am - 12am  

Saturday: 10am - 12am

Sunday: 12noon - 10pm (CLOSED)

Monday: 12noon, campground closed.  

Please pack up and clear out by noon on Monday.




Friday: 10am-10pm

Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Monday: 8am-12pm


These shuttles transport attendees from the car parking lots to the festival campground. Ticket holders have the option of taking a shuttle into the main festival grounds or walking into the festival.  Depending on what parking lot you are in, the distance to the main festival grounds varies, but it is walkable.  If you wish to use the shuttle, make sure you arrive during the hours when the shuttle is operating.  If you arrive outside of those times, you will have to walk yourself into the main festival grounds. 



Only staff/volunteers set to arrive on Thursday can arrive on Thursday without an Early Arrival Pass.  No ticketholders will be admitted on Thursday without an Early Arrival Pass.  If you come out on Thursday without purchasing Early Arrival Pass, you will be turned back at the gate although you can purchase an early arrival pass at the gate.  Gates open for general admission at 10am on Friday.  Please comply. Thank you!



Upon arrival to the Campground we kindly ask that you cue your car to the far right of the road as you wait to be processed into the event.  If you find yourself waiting out on Mountain Loop Road, make sure you are queued up completely OFF the road.  Once at the gate, stop where indicated, so that tickets can be scanned, and participants can be wristbanded. Our security will be looking over vehicles upon entry. Please do not bring illegal substances, weapons, pets, or renegade sound systems to the event.  IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an electronic ticket, take a snapshot of your ticket(s) before arriving as you may lose cellular service before you drive to the gate.  A printout of your e-ticket works as well.  Gate staff can scan your e-ticket snapshot or printout. 


WALK-IN CAMPING (regular camping)

Camping will be in the forest and along the river. Early arrivals will ensure that you get choice camping spots! Most camping is shaded in the woods. Since there are very few car camping passes available, almost all attendees are walk-in camping. You will park your car and walk (or ride the short shuttle) into the site. This shuttle bus is available to pick you and your camping gear, coolers, etc. and transport you to the campground from designated stops  Otherwise, the walk will take approximately 10-20 minutes. Tip: Bring a cart or wagon if you don't want to ride the shuttle!

Shuttle Operation times for walk-in camping: 

Thursday: 3pm-8pm (with early arrival pass)

Friday: 10am-10pm

Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Monday: 8am-12pm


The villages represent different camping areas onsite.  They provide a unique opportunity for you to tune in and get involved in the festival.  Check out the Villages page to learn which one you connect with, and get in touch with your village Mayor to get involved.  Remember, this is just for fun!  There are no expectations- so if you just want to camp with your friends, pick and spot and invite them! 



There are very few car camping passes available for the festival. Car camping passes went on sale April 17th at 7 PM PST (sold out). If you did not purchase a car camping pass, you will not be able to camp by your car.  This includes artists/performers/workshop facilitators.  You will need to park your car and walk (or ride the short shuttle) into the site. Don't worry - this is how nearly all attendees will camp!


For those of you with car camping passes, your car camping pass does NOT include your ticket into the event; it only allows you to drive your car into the festival grounds. You will not be admitted without a General Admission ticket.  If you are bringing a large RV, bus, or camper/trailer, you MUST purchase a car camping pass; if you want to plug in, it needs to be an RV spot; otherwise large RVs, buses, or camper/trailers are prohibited.  We cannot accommodate them even in general admission parking.  Generators are prohibited as is amplified sound at car camping sites.  This is a cozy campground with 3 sound stages; there is no need to add your own (plus, we want to keep the neighbors happy).

Once admitted with ticket and car camping pass, you will be directed to your designated car camping space.  Please arrive on Friday before 8pm to minimize driving inside the event after dark for safety reasons.  You will not be allowed to move your car once you enter the festival.  You will have to park your car at camp and leave it there for the duration of the event.  The roads also double as walkways, and we do not want vehicles driving down them undirected or at night for safety/health reasons.



Different from prior years, we need to better plan in advance for how many cars will be on site, and because parking is limited, we are instituting a $20 parking charge for ALL vehicles, which you can pre-purchase with your tickets online. Buying your parking in advance guarantees you parking onsite. Cascadia NW remains committed to sustainability, and we still strongly encourage carpooling. All large vehicles (e.g. RVs, buses, campers/trailers) MUST purchase a single car/RV pass.  You will NOT be able to park large RVs, buses, campers/trailers in general admission parking. If parking passes sell out online, watch the Facebook or website for up to date information on the status of the festival and also parking. We cannot guarantee parking without a pre-paid parking pass. If you are in the situation of having tickets without parking, we recommend early arrival. 


Upon arrival, you will be directed to the appropriate parking lot by gate staff.  Follow signs and staff will direct you.


A shuttle bus will pick you and your camping gear, coolers, etc. and transport you to the campground from designated stops (if can also walk into the site). For your convenience, the shuttle will loop through the campground and stop at the at each Village Center. PLEASE BE SAFE getting in and out of the shuttle. The shuttle will run through the weekend, to get your things back to the car at the end of the event as well (if necessary), but the shuttle will have LIMITED hours (shuttle operations hours are listed above).  If you need the shuttle for transport, arrive during the hours listed for shuttle operations



Start spreading the vibes early and rideshare to Cascadia NW! You'll meet epic people, save on the costs of travel, and help us keep the event and our amazing forest green.


Click to connect with your new eco-conscious festie-friends and support local business while reducing your carbon footprint.



As long as you have a wristband, you can walk in and out of the festival site, but driving in and out is discouraged.  If you must leave with a car, you will be charged the parking fee upon your return ($20) regardless of carpooling.  Those at car camping sites CANNOT leave with their car during the festival and get back into the car camping sites.  If you leave, you will need to park in GA parking.   


Since there is no cellular/wifi service or ATM on site, please bring enough cash to make purchases you may want or need.  We will have a vending village with lots of artisan crafters and yummy food vendors.  See our Vending page for specific information on what we have. 



There is limited to no cell phone service on the site.  Please prepare for disconnection from technology/reconnection to nature!  Take snapshots of your tickets if you have electronic tickets, so you can show these to the staff at the gate.



Children under 16 are free when accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  We are a family-friendly festival.  Check out our Kidzone for kid-friendly, kid-approved activities. 


Leave your animals at home. No dogs/animals are allowed in the festival.


There will be ice for sale down from the First Aid Booth from 12pm-5pm Thursday-Sunday. There will be no firewood for sale on site, but there is someone just as you leave the town of granite Falls who sells firewood for cheap.  Remember, no fires except in designated fire pits. 


We will have more information on fires once we are closer to the event.  In general, fires can only be built in designated fire pits.  We will have a central fire in the festival.  Two years ago, we had a complete and total burn ban. For those in our premium campsites with fire pits, please pay attention to the county burn ban website as we approach the event. You must follow the county rules for burning fires.


We are shooting for a zero waste event. Please pack out your garbage!  All vendors will be using compostable wares. There will be recycling receptacles on site, but take your actual trash with you!



This is a 3-day (or 4 if early arrival) festival.  Please prepare yourself with plenty of food, water (there is spring water onsite, but it’s ok to bring your own as well, or a bottle), and the necessaries to make yourself comfortable. 


We have a no tolerance policy for renegade sound systems.  This is a cozy campground with plenty of options for sound and music.  Leave your personal sound system at home please.



If you wish to sell/trade your tickets prior to the event, you may do so, but go through our ticketing vendor, Eventbrite, to make changes. Note: to make transfers, only purchasers can do so, and you need to log in to your Eventbrite account. After Wednesday the week of the event, you can no longer transfer tickets through official channels. Buyer/Purchasers buy/sell at his/her own risk; beware of scammers. If you have other ticketing questions, Eventbrite has a very good online support center that will answer most questions. If you can't find the answer there, contact their support: If you submit something through their link "contact the organizer," you will NOT get a response after Tuesday the week of the event. This is not because we are lazy, but only because we have very limited access to wifi while out on site:) Most questions can be answered through their online system anyway.


Relive the magic from past years - Follow us on Instagram.

Connect with our community - Join our official Facebook Page

Looking for a ride? Join our Rideshare Group.


Do Bring:

  • Tents / Sleeping bags

  • Water Bottle - We will not be selling plastic water bottles! The water onsite is spring water and is potable unless otherwise designated.

  • Food for 3 days - There will also be many vendors offering a wide variety of foods and goods.

  • Beverages - Please bring cans and minimize glass bottles.

  • Flashlights/headlamps! - Many of the trails and pathways between stages will not be lit, and it will be the new moon (so no moonlight).

  • Herbal Bug Spray

  • Swimsuits and floaties (the river is amazing!)

  • Clothing layers (be prepared for possible chilly nights and warm days)

  • Bikes (be careful and light it up for night rides)

  • Money for vendors (support your local artisans if you wish).  NO ATM onsite.

  • Costumes!

  • Art Supplies

  • Stuff to share

  • Your Kids!

  • LOVE!

Don’t Bring:

  • Illegal substances

  • Weapons

  • Bad Vibes

  • Glass Bottles

  • Dogs or animals

  • Sound Systems

  • NO UNDERAGE DRINKING/SMOKING    (security enforced)

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