Amrita Tea Lounge

Amrita is a Sanskrit word that translates into English as ‘elixir of life.’ To drink of this elixir is to call in knowledge, power, vitality, and bliss. We are living in an intentional time. You feel it too. We, the people, are commanding more presence when we come together. A mindful approach to consumption and community are colliding. We sense a need for nourishing refreshments and conscious contact at every gathering we attend. There is a perceivable longing for a station in the midst of the celebration for us to converge and enjoy a piece of peace together. We heard the call and created the Amrita Lounge to hold space for meaningful connection; both with self and others. Amrita encourages us to steep in those juicy moments of relaxation and rejuvenation with our fellow humans while sipping wholesome, tasty teas to increase health and wellness. Join us as we help transform the culture of gathering to better satisfy the desires of the soul.


We will be hand pouring Chinese Oolong Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. It is our pleasure to serve you. 


This is our FIRST CONTACT with… them. Who are they? What are they here for? Should we be fearful or welcoming? Only one way to know…


Come interact with our newest visitor, feel the intentions, see the possibilities, and decide for yourself. Can you crack the code and understand the works that this… thing has to offer. You may be surprised.


This project was made possible in part by a generous donation from Moon Valley Organics

Daniel Harm

2019 Cascadia project : World Beyond Self

World Beyond Self represents the enormous history of spiritual connection humans share with the Earth and our cosmic potential to synergistically utilize our collective powers and imagination to build symbiotic relationships with the vital life-giving force of the Earth.


​Disco-O-Tech is a modular lighting system of lighted discs that can be hung in unique arrangements that then work together to display light patterns as a whole.

An installation by light and sculpture artist Chris Tower.

Cloud Nectar

Under the mossy trees of the Pacific Northwest, exploring abandoned places and old books, I began as a visual artist early in life. Years were occupied with drawing, writing, and lo-fi, surreal video projects. In 2009 with a pair of scissors and a stack of recycled magazines, I began crafting surrealistic collage art. The collage-making soon became practice, ritual, love, and took shape as a series of handmade dream narratives. I continuously collect forgotten vintage media to cut and paste, striving for balanced visuals that compel and play with the imagination. My brand of Cloud Nectar art can be seen on album covers, murals, illustrations, publications and venues around the Northwest. It is my honor to be a part of this vibrant community of creatives and add to the beauty and spirit of Cascadia NW Music and Arts Festival.

Genesis Night Sky

Come enjoy the night sky in front of Genesis village even on the cloudiest nights!

An installation by light and sculpture artist Chris Tower.

Gypsy Vibes

Gypsy Vibes is a Painter, Astrologer, Tea enthusiast, Gardener and Event Coordinator. She has created and contributed her art since 2008 in the form of live painting, tea lounge installations, gallery shows and intimate art parties. The Gypsy Vibes Tea Lounge is a vibrant and artsy space to enjoy tea ceremony and connect with others in a festival setting. Gypsy Vibes has studied Gong Fu Cha or Chinese Tea ceremony for 13 years and welcomes everyone to come share and sip some beautiful teas curated specially for the event.


Jonathan Ash Clark (Hijinks) has been creating sculptures as canvases for light and repositories of spirit concepts since 1998. He has performed extensively combining video projection, dance, paint, and kinetic sculpture with both creative and ethical intentions and messages. He developed his multifaceted approach to creativity after studying creativity in the field of psychology at Reed College in Portland, OR. Wooden sculptures utilizing string and metal are how he displays his 3d visions and they are intended to be interactive and fun to hang out near as well as to catalyze conversation and branch into the future in the form of modular ideas which we share as our collective vibration rises and we awaken to the new Present. The Installations for Cascadia are a sacred amalgamation of creativity. A space/area that is medicinal and presents the oppurtunity to interact with it as well as to simply enjoy some badass sculpture and succulent spaces woven together with nature that nurture the soul. In the center the vertebrae of creativity hangs from the tetrahedron illuminatus. A spiders web of maya branches out from the top of the tetrahedron and covers and connects Sacred wombs that invite a moment of reflection and refuge.


Jahn is a multi-medium artist who pieces are inspired by colors, textures, and all things that make you think. Using all materials within reach to create whatever visually stimulating piece his brain thinks up. This year he will be sharing a series of magical illuminated mythical mushrooms with Cascadia.

Justin Rodda

The Hornucopia bass deck has plenty of sound to share with all your sensory systems! It can be a participant performance pad, a disco dance deck, or a sonic sensual lounge space! Hornucopia’s deep vibrations opens the doors to new perceptions. Experience its 6000 watts of power while dancing on this versatile sound & lighting experience! This platform is composed of 4 triangles, is 20 inches high, 13 feet long & can hold up to 12 people while knocking your socks off!


Born and raised in Washington I have a love for plants and herbal medicine. Using plants and flowers to create beautiful creations is what I love to do. The flower installation is to show the beauty and strength of womenhood and all that comes with that. Love, creation and earth.


Artist Sarah Lovett constructs beautiful, intriguing objects as poetic interpretation, life forms, dreams, visions, memories and fairy tales. A rich knowledge of materials and hand-construction techniques, sourced from sewing, knot work, puppetry, ceramics, woodworking... anything that works for a particular object. I love to engineer lightweight and collapsible forms for events and festivals that are fun to use, and interactive. The foundation of my works aims to integrate structure, beauty, nature and connection. See more of my work at

Omar Lopez

Conscious Harmony with the environment,

Sparkle Shark

"Coalescent Forest" is nighttime artwork hidden in the heights of great trees scattered through the grounds and camping area. During the daytime, participants may be unaware it's there--it has no footprint on the ground. At night time, it slowly comes alive, unimpressive at first and apparently uncoordinated. Occasionally, all of the trees coalesce into a coordinated, bewildering spectacle of energy before scattering into disorganization again. The visual programming is intentionally subtle and changes over time, so that it may take participants several nights to fully experience the subtlety of the piece.

Vaudeville from Orion's Belt

The joint imaginative realm of Cybele Leon and Strongheart Sculpture presents VAUDEVILLE FROM THE SEA OF THE ORION NEBULA! Orauck has traveled across galaxies for eons, and he has a few questions for you earthlings. Ask a few questions and meet a REAL LIFE ALIEN here at Cascadia! Elijah Evenson is a Seattle based sculptor who combines the aesthetics of a natural history museum with the vestiges of the subconscious. In the time of the Renaissance, science was perceived with mystical admiration. Using realistic forms, light, and iconic shapes Elijah creates works that focus on the concepts of science with the impact of an ancient religious statue. Cybele is a dynamo of Seattle arts, known for her performance work, costume design, and marketing prowess. As a founding member of Valtesse Productions, the female run production company that presents cabaret entertainment with class and kink, and the surreal experience company Happens Productions, Leon uses her network of multidisciplinary creatives that spans genres and generations to create unforgettable experiences. She has also become a multi-talented performer with experience in dance, aerial, and burlesque. Cybele exemplifies a message of female power in art and business, and passionately promotes spaces of diverse artistic engagement throughout her communities. If possible the Golden Skulls and Cybele Leon websites should both be linked since it is a collaborative effort.

Wiz Garber

I am the creator of the one-and-only Trampoline Snuggle Swing Dome, made famous at Cascadia a few years ago. It was ingeniously fabricated from six re-purposed trampolines acquired for free on CraigsList. The Snuggle Swing Dome is the favorite of unicorn onesie wearers. Snuggling and Swinging is allowed, but NO JUMPING.

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