Nestled in the enchanted forest of Cascadia is the village of Mythica, where a magical community weaves a new story of love and connection with one another, with Nature. Alongside the sparkling lights of bohemian tents flows the River where music springs and is carried on current and over stones. Magic Melodies swelling with inspiration and transformation ride on the backs of Dragonflies, bringing a message of Unity to the people.


The rainbow lights of Mythica shift through flowing fabric, echoing the love light in the playful Hearts of festival goers. Performers and storytellers dance among the revelers, the seekers, the seers and the nature lovers, co-creating pathways to enchantment. We conjure the Magic of Mythica, offering marvelous ways of how things can be, awakening a shared Dream. A new Myth is made.


The Forest is our cathedral and our celebration hall. Bass vibrates and art is vibrant. We read our futures and play without fears or boarders in the luxurious encampment of Inner Mythica. Under the infinite ceiling of Stars, we dance a silent disco and drink tea from tiny cups. We climb into the Snuggle Tower and relax in cozy reverie. Friends come together from all over Cascadia to march with merriment in the Mythical Creatures Parade, each transformed into the fabled creature of their true Heart. And if a Heart should choose a new expression, costumes are offered for proper guise.


Join hands with your favorite party cohorts and prepare to build your camp, coming open to the unexpected. Bring things to create your own tie-dye with family of all ages in our tie-dye creation workshop. Decorate your own space with intention, expression and your personal brand of beauty. Be ready to learn how you can protect this extraordinary land with CascadiaNow’s knowledge and participation.


Beneath this veil of misty Magic, we weave a new Story, awaken a Dream, make a new Myth. See you in the Woods!

© 2019 Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival

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