Updated: Mar 20

Greetings dear friends and family!

We wanted to reach out to send love and support during these challenging times. Please check in on each other and keep yourselves healthy and positive, and most certainly reach out if you are feeling distressed in any way. We’re all in this together, and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Given the circumstances with the spread of the C-19 virus in the NW, we wanted to give an update on the festival. Currently, the producers and crew are in a self imposed “pause,” a hold and wait pattern, to see how things progress over the coming months as we approach summer. We are doing this with a positive outlook that the festival will happen as scheduled, while monitoring the situation closely in an effort to make sure that all of our people will be safe and sound to gather together in the forest in July. We will not move forward with planning unless we are confident of everyone’s safety.

As we wait, it is understood that some of you may be encountering financial difficulties and may need to refund your ticket to put those funds towards other needs. To ease any burdens, Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival tickets are now 100% refundable for you if you feel the need to do so. To request a refund send an email to tickets@cascadianw.com and include the full name and email address that was used to purchase the ticket(s). If you purchased multiple tickets for a group you may request a refund for a partial number of tickets or the total number purchased. All refunds will be issued to the original payment method.

For now, we are holding on selling the car camping and RV spots. We will make an announcement about these at a later date.

We’ve also decided to extend our artists’ submission applications until the 22nd of March, so if you thought you missed the window, it’s still open to you!

Visit: https://www.cascadianw.com/submit

With isolation and uncertainty, this can be a very scary time for all of us, and we are here to share empathy and solidarity with you through this. We highly encourage following reputable news sources, avoiding conspiracy theories, following the instructions of social distancing, hand washing and in general, lessening the opportunity of spreading. Keep in mind that these measures are important to ensuring the safety of those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. Use this time to be creative, read books, call friends and family, or do yoga. For those of us who can, please help support those of us having trouble. Reach out and check in on each other often.

We are closely following developments, but for now, we are cautiously looking forward to a magical weekend with you all in July! Thank you all for your continued support and your amazing self! We love you, and look forward to dancing with you soon!

~Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival Producers



Tier 1 tickets sold out within a week, and Tier 2 tickets are moving quick! Guarantee yourself a $250 ticket before they sell out - Once these are gone, 3-day festival tickets go up to $300.


Ticket Update: Introducing our new Low-Income Ticket (LIT) Program!

This year, we are instituting the LIT Program in lieu of a lower priced "Tier 1" strategy. We feel this better serves our values as a community-driven festival, while making sure these discounted tickets get to the people who need them the most.

Priority deadline is Feb. 24th, but continuing rounds may occur as tickets are available.

Please apply! Click HERE for details.


Deadline: March 15th

Creators, Builders, and Experience Makers! Applications for Art, Music, Performance, Workshops, and Vendors for Cascadia NW 2020 are now open. This is the time to show us what you've got.

Click HERE to submit your application.


This year we are excited to be featuring a new communal bazaar to host a variety of smaller artists who may not be able to commit to a full booth. We are hoping to have a vibrant marketplace with artisans of all shapes and sizes!

Click HERE to apply for the bazaar.


Want to create interactive art, collaborate with future camping neighbors on projects, or just enrich your festival experience?

Click these links to find the Facebook groups for MYTHICA: Cascadia NW Village, ECOTOPIA: Cascadia NW Village, GENESIS: Cascadia NW Village and Technosis - Colony One!

Through a proposal process, each Village is able to submit ideas for art projects, performances, musical acts and DJs for your stage or other public areas of the festival.



As we reflect on the past 5 years with Cascadia NW and enter into this new decade together, we feel a powerful sense of transformation and vitality. Our community is growing, evolving and unfolding in new and wondrous ways. We look forward to bringing this energy of possibility and creation into our 6th year with you!


Whether it's your first time joining us or you're core member of our community, we invite you to submit your application and become a part of Cascadia NW Arts & Music festival 2020! We look forwarding to co-creating with you, and making this 6th Edition our most magical event yet.

Artist, Performance, Music, Workshop, and Vendor Submissions opened on Feb 1st.

Mark your calendar: the deadline to submit is March 15th.


Our roster of artists bring the vibe as only the Northwest can, lifting us up with disco house by the River stage, weaving deep instrumental beats by the Prism, or providing late-night psychedelic bass at the Forest Stage.

Performance Art

Found roaming throughout the forest or performing a special act onstage, a troupe of flow artists, fire performers, clowns, acrobats, dancers, burlesque performers, actors, and comedians bring energy and light throughout the festival.

Art Installations

Each year, Cascadia NW is reimagined and reinvented through the lenses of our creators and crafters who contribute their inspiration and energy to freestanding, structural or interactive art.

Art Gallery

Our curated gallery features 2D and small 3D works of art of all mediums. All artists are welcome to live paint throughout the festival, whether or not they are displayed in the gallery.

Craft Vendor

Join our close-knit community of artisans and craft vendors. We strive to create a unique and functional vending area that is in the heart of the festival, while supporting artists of all kinds.

Food Vendor

Local, organic, and healthy foods are at the core of our festival marketplace. Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival is deeply committed to sustainability, and requires all vendors to comply with our green policies.


Share your talents, knowledge and gifts by leading a workshop! Past workshops have included introductions to various flow arts, yoga, meditation, and dance, as well as discussions focused on sustainability, relationship styles, ecology, diversity and inclusion.


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