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All Black Gators

Emerging from the swampy darkness of the Pacific Northwest, the All Black Gators are a collective of fire performers and flow artists who are sure to bring an engaging experience to the weekend. Combining geometric choreography, slappin' beats, and some really really cool lights, they seek to entertain and inspire others to get down with gators!

Bellingham Flow Arts Collective

An inclusive community of flow artists based out of Bellingham, WA.

Ben Chi

Ben ‘Heartbreaker’ Chi began dancing in 2007. He took his first Hip Hop class shortly after discovering breakdancing videos on Youtube. After a year of choreography based studio dances, he focused on Popping and Breaking for the next 8 years. In 2015 he moved to Seattle from Hawaii. A year later he was inspired and taught by Rina Pellerin and Tracey Wong in their dance style, Waacking. Since then he has been an active member of the Waacking community and competes in battles across North America. He has also performed Waacking and other street styles at various festivals in the Northwest such as Paradiso, Bumbershoot, and Pirate Party. His goal is to spread his love and knowledge of Waacking and street dance culture through performances, battles, and teaching classes.

Cirque Cadia

What magic lurks on the greatest stage of all - the theater of the forest? Cirque Cadia is a performance group from the Pacific Northwest USA. Under the big top of the trees, they exhibit unique artistic flora & fauna through immersive experiences and unforgettable interactions.


Creatrix are the mischievous dream-weavers who use their bodies to create shapes, contort reality, and lull audiences into deeper states of being with their tantalizing creations. These performance artists are the essence of the subconscious and keepers of intuition, ready at a moment to take the shape of your deepest fantasy and most frightening nightmare. Creatrix is a versatile and multi-disciplined crew; they choreograph unique stage performances, interact with audiences as roving characters, and design one-of-a-kind costumes. They believe fervently in movement as a means for storytelling and connection, and create with these values in mind.

Dulce D'jour

With smoldering eyes and thick, caramel thighs Dulce D'jour is truly a sweet treat. This Cuban cutie has been bellydancing for several years, but is a relative newcomer to the world of burlesque. In just over a year of performing she has peeled up and down the West Coast and is a co-founder of Papaya Magic Cabaret, an all Latina burlesque trio. Equal parts confection and affection Dulce is the fiesta you didn't know you needed.

Duo Mystic

Duo Mystic challenge the elements of balance and trust. Being so similar in size, is a rare duo in the acrobatic world, but they have learned to use their different strengths to their advantage. Through working as a team, they can cultivate their weaknesses and grow them into a display of art. Through movement they unite their differences in ways that highlight each other’s strengths. Over time they have learned to let go of their fears, trust in one another, and thrive not only as individuals, but as a partnership. They balance each other out in every way possible. They step into the unknown, put their life in each other’s hands, and with time become comfortable being uncomfortable, knowing that the other will be there no matter what. They rely on one another to challenge each other, push each other, and find success even in times of failure. Together, they see through the obstacles and darkness to reach the light of their dreams and be their best.

Íntim@ Cabaret

Ìntim@ Cabaret - Close encounters with drag and burlesque. This year Cascadia will be home for a special edition of the most alternative and experimental show happening regularly in Seattle. With a diverse cast including drag queens, drag kings, burlesque and comedians from all backgrounds and nationalities. This weird mashup of performances will add a Queer touch to the festival celebrating self expression and promoting inclusivenes. Created and hosted by Rosa Marchita. Íntima Rosa Marchita, or simply Rosa, is whatever she decides to be at the present Strong Woman, Philosopher, Dancer, Sculptor, Painter, Actress, Film Director, Producer, Puppeteer, Psychologist, Housewife, Mother (?), Business Lady, Singer, Traveller, Acrobat, and creator of the unique variety show Íntim@ Cabaret. Experimental drag, unusual performance acts, multimedia art, bizarre, grotesque and irony are the least you can expect from this unleashed wild performer that came to earth to push boundaries and bend the limits of creativity.

Mackenzie Fagras

Mackenzie Fagras is a multi-faceted artist who has been performing for 15 years. Specializing in dance, aerial, and cirque, she is always seeking to bring something new and exciting to the stage. With a unique hip hop style, Mackenzie's dynamic mixes popping, ticking, krumping, voguing, and a variety of other hip hop elements. She is currently a professional hip hop choreographer and performer based in Spokane, WA.

Malicious Vixens

Malicious Vixens (formerly known as Malicious Ladies and Malicious Allure) is a Seattle-based performance collective featuring Asian-American womxn who represent the local studio and street dance scenes. Specializing in Whacking/ Waacking and Voguing, each member brings a unique influence to the stage. Directed by Tracey Wong, the group includes Alyssa Oyadomari, Zahra Masaoka, and Grace Masaoka. Together the group sets new standards of aesthetics and choreography. Striving to embrace femininity, roots, individuality, these womxn seek to inspire other womxn to be unique, uplifting, and unapologetic.

Mycelium Butoh

“There is indeed a music in the streams,” writes Wendell Berry, "but it is not for the hurried. It has to be loitered by and imagined. Or imagined toward, for it is hardly for men at all." For centuries, poets and mystics spanning world cultures -- such as the Nahua communities of central Mexico -- have regarded Earthly bodies such as cacti and mushrooms as "DIVINE MESSENGERS" glistening with with songs of other-worldly knowledge. Biologists have also discovered that trees actively collaborate with underground mushroom networks, called Mycelium, to communicate extensively and share resources. These fungal networks are highly sentient -- capable of perceiving everything from physical touch to sound -- and just as responsive as our own complex neural networks. But the songs and intelligences of the Mycelium and her mushrooms are incredibly subtle. They can hear us, but what will it take for us to hear them? In a Post-Fordist society that privileges speed and efficiency, what will it take to slow down and feel the vibrant matter that lies so close at hand? In this durational dance performance, human bodies will attempt to commune with Mushroom bodies: emissaries of the massive mycelium networks underground, a subterranean civilization older than time. Dancers begin by attempting to dissolve the body as we experience it in our everyday lives, to allow for metamorphosis and transformation. In this altered experience of the body, normal perceptions of space and time cease to exist, and we can, perhaps, become more attuned to the infinite rhythms of the Ecosphere. In this space, our bodies, like the mushroom bodies, are part of a larger, atmospheric body... a communal, immersive space in which humans are invited to exchange possibilities with every cap and stem, with each textured surface and vibrating entity that emanate songs from the worlds of soil and stone.

Simone Pin

Simone Pin is women of color owned production company. We are passionate about creating shows that include a diverse cast and showcase the beauty, strength, and sex appeal of performers of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. We strongly believe in providing artists with a professional work environment where they can train, grow and feel valued. Our mission is to entertain and present our audience with an experience that is innovative, sexy and powerful.

Tonic Tribe

Tonic Tribe is a captivating dance and performance troupe of accomplished dancers, experience curators, and fire performers based out of the Pacific Northwest. Collectively, we provide professional and unique entertainment for all audiences! Our eclectic repertoire showcases classical dance training, hip hop, burlesque, improvisational performance, and flow arts. Tonic Tribe has performed at Shamabhala Music Festival, Burning Man, Dimond Saints Presents: Enter the Prism, Bamboo Bass Festival, and many art and music events in the Pac NW. Our artistic vision is built on community and innovative collaboration, aspiring to enthrall audiences through hypnotic artistic experiences.

Wotan the Faeriesmasher

Wotan the Faeriesmasher is a barbarian who is always on a hunt for those mischievous faeries who steal his left socks. He has been delighting children of all ages as he chases fae with an over sized foam hammer or a human sized butterfly net. Eric Pope has been performing in the northwest for over 10 years between music festivals to renaissance fairs and has yet to catch a real fairy.

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