Formerly NüIceland,  The Village Previously Known As Technosis.

Embrace your inner Alien, follow Major Tom in tomfoolery.

First Contact is made on Planet Earth at Technosis (Colony One), a camp long long ago known as Nü-Icelandia....


A sudden crack, like thunder, in the sky, looking up a giant spaceship grows in size as it hurtles toward the ground spitting fiery fusion flame. It lands, in a glade in the forest, metal ramps unfold like a flower, and strange coloured lights shine out into the darkness. Our first intergalactic visitor has arrived, landing in Granite Falls to attract advanced lifeforms of any species to Earth’s first intergalactic colony: ‘Colony One’.

Advanced minds, travellers through time, augmented humans, distinguished aliens, future and past heroes, Flash Gordon, Barbarella and Han Solo, all come together to celebrate the intellectual, musical and social collision of like-minded cosmic souls that comprise ‘Technosis - Colony One’.

Pan-galactic gargle blasters and groovy beats power the never-ending twisting gyrations of the alien / human conglomerate.

Our gracious and self-indulgent leaders, Spacetime and Ginarama welcome all to the galactically progressive and newly liberated Colony, wresting power from the fishy Dirty Ice and his penguin henchmen.

© 2019 Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival

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