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Superior festival fashion and couture streetwear. Unparalleled leather goods, and timelessly organic wearable moments as well as form pleasing sacred geometry art sculptures.

Astral Chrysalis

Astral Chrysalis Designs is the lovechild of Azalyne Skye and Aurelius Rune. We've been co-creating magical wearable leather art since 2011. We love making hats, but also play with mixed media, combining nuno, hand-dyed silk and silk velvets with leather. We make everything from Modular Holster/Hip belts to Faerie Skirts to Gemstone Crowns and Hats. Come visit our portal.

Azure Ocean, LLC dba Killa Dilla

Killa Dilla is a beautiful cross between a quesadilla and a gyro. We use only sustainably harvested seafood including Albacore tuna from our boat in Oregon! We bring the vibe with authentic positivity, hard work, and passion for our community. If you haven't tried a Dilla, be warned: you may crave them fortnightly!


Buddhaful, est. 1998, is a Seattle-based clothing and lifestyle company. Our designs are consciously based around concepts that connect us all. Whether more structured, ergonomic, and fire resistant pieces loved by performers or yoga and movement friendly fabrics that flow, Buddhaful designs has wearable solutions for every type of artist. Buddhaful's frequency collection sprung from the idea that water molecules retain memory and crystallize the proof. A drop of water exposed to the idea of compassion will become compassion--a gorgeous snowflake--under a microscope. Our prints are clusters of molecules like compassion, wisdom, and love---core values of our company and community. Wearable frequency has tremendous potential to elevate the vibration of each other, our planet, and ourselves.

Chrysalis Tribe Designs

Chrysalis Tribe offers unique, hand-made accessories and art for the wildly expressive. Our jewelry is made using carefully chosen materials to make bold statements and honor the art of sacred adornment. We feature a myriad of styles from wire and metal work to leather, bead embroidery, and mixed-media. Most of our pieces are crafted by husband and wife team Erin and CJ with additional artistic contributions from others within our creative family. Because the little ones make the festivals special, we will continue to bring kid-friendly activities and accessories as well as offer a burst of sparkle with select gems and minerals. Children may pick out a pocket stone and have a custom pendant created for them on-site or play our hand-made game, E'thia by Graham Benjamin.

Coalesce Juicery & Whole Foods Kitchen

Coalesce Juicery & Whole Foods Kitchen is a food cart specializing in 100% Organic Juices and Whole Foods. We are 100% Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Soy-Free. We offer all vegetarian, mostly vegan and many raw foods. We serve you Nourishing, Nutrient rich options, so you can play all day and all night.

Constellation Face and Body Paint

Constellation Face and Body Art is a collaborative effort between two experienced artists who are working to bring high quality body art to the Pacific Northwest. We value art as a way to influence people, bring beauty to the world, and enhance people's lives. Constellation is fully insured, and FDA compliant. We have combined experience of over 40 years of body painting and fine art. We look forward to bringing fabulous painting to Cascadia in 2019!

Dreamscapes - Magic Objects

Magic Objects! We offer nature foraged and handmade magic objects for sale. Items include Washington quartz crystal, Washing Citrine, Washington Amber, Washing Agate, foraged animal skulls including otter, beaver, raccoon, rabbit, rat, mouse, deer, possum, mole, duck, crow, hawk, feline, Cultivated San Pedro, sacred plants and plant extracts, wings and feathers, orgonite, plant resins. We have handmade jewelry including malas, bracelets, pendants, talisman, amulets, tokens, charms, items of protection, magic wands, orgonite and more.

Elation Art

Conscious sacred geometric jewelry and art made from wood and gemstones. Laser crafted, hand finished next level designs for the open mind. A collaborative effort, created in Portland, Oregon.

Embellish The Truth

Embellish The Truth specializes in custom upcycled clothing and accessories and on site repair services. Imaginative and unique clothing creations that are truly one of a kind! You will love our unique, embellished, upcycled festival clothing and accessories. With a portable commercial sewing machine we provide on-site repairs of clothing, camping and outdoor gear. With our embroidery machine you can speak your own truths through your clothing. We offer a wide variety of embellishments, such as patches, fringe, appliques, epaulettes, etc, that we can sew onto your own festival gear and costumes or items we provide. "You imagine it.....we make it sew!"


Fire Kult is an LA based company founded by Ruben Rivera in 2013. Our custom pieces use innovative combinations of leather, brass and feathers; designed to be both fashionable and practical.


Post-apocalyptic meets tribal meets steam punk.  

Our custom pieces are designed in Los Angeles and handmade in Mexico.  We use fair-trade practices as well as organic and ethically sourced fabrics-- keeping our impact on the environment as minimal as possible.

Heady HQ

Heady HQ brings an eclectic mix of high-end head ware and fashion accessories to a party near you. Come explore our collector’s collection of wearable art, and find the perfect accessory for yourself or a loved one.

Kinetic Couture

Kinetic Couture offers high quality, organic hand made clothing that is designed to empower your movements and inspire the best in you. We offer timeless styles that are made to last and and can be worn for nearly any occasion. We are not just a clothing company, we sell art and intention, made to empower you and the planet.


LiviJoyHoops brings a Flow Booth to the festival! Find handmade hoops for every skill level, along with contact staffs and staves, Levi Wands, juggling equipment and poi. Come play, learn and flow with us!

Lumio Designs

Lumio lights you up! We offer a wide range of light up accessories to bring your outfits to the next level and add luminescence to your evening. From a fabulous EL wire hat, an LED collar or a one-of-a-kind headdress that seems made just for you, Lumio creates beautiful light up pieces that help you shine. We also can help you get started with your own project with EL Wire and fairy lights to add to your favorite outfit.

Nectar Cafe

Nectar Cafe takes pride in serving house-roasted coffee. We brew fresh french press coffee and a full espresso bar with a variety of milk options. We will also be offering an almond-meal based waffle and waffle sandwiches for that breakfast served all-day type of craving. Serving up vegan and gluten-free food, we are friendly for everyone.


NinjaDelic - providing functional accessories for the individual seeking balance between the real and festival worlds. Our mission - to stealthily infuse positivity into our environments and to be guardians of what we instinctively feel is right.

Poutine Your Mouth

Poutine, fries, and deliciousness. gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and meat options. Locally sourced, organic, non-GMO comfort food. Yum!


Aurelien Pumayana Floret is a multi-dimensional Artist ahead of his time with his ability to capture intangible essences and energies beyond our senses. By elegantly blending colors, sacred geometry and fractals; Aurélien’s artwork allows us to see the unseen and feel the deeper levels of our true selves. In 2005, he held his first exhibition in Paris with an overwhelming response. This prompted him to travel to Goa, India to pursue his spiritual path and true calling. Here he met Tibetan Monks and Indian Spiritualists who introduced him to the Art of Thangkas, mandalas and meditation. Aurélien was further inspired and continued to expand his creative scope and spiritual interest through the form of nature and Sacred Geometry.

Stone N' Seed

Timeless handcrafted wearable art from the Earth. Fine gemstones and unique wood found both locally and world wide brought together to create one of a kind heirlooms that will be passed down through the generations.

Shaman Shack Herbs

Shaman Shack Herbs home base is located in Everett, WA. We provide the world's most potent and best quality adaptogen herbs and mushrooms that have been used safely and effectively for centuries, by seers, shamans and Taoist masters. We source the highest quality herbs for our products; herbs grown sustainably by old-school farmers of many generations, in the wild pristine lands of Northern Manchuria and other Di Tao regions in China and Korea that have been kept safe from pollutants and toxins. A trip to these areas is like going back centuries into a simple past, where the herbs are collected from the wild and farmed by people who do things according to ensconced traditions. Our family at Shaman Shack Herbs is conscious of the energy and integrity that goes into our products, even during jarring, labeling and shipping. In 2007, we were the first herbal company to bring a pure 10:1 tonic elixir powder to the market without any fillers such as maltodextrin or rice bran. With society’s growing interest in incorporating adaptogens into every day self-care routines, we continue to lead the way, educating and sharing our innovative and sophisticated herbal blends. We know you will feel the difference!

Superfood Smoothies

Superfood Smoothies offers over 44 different raw live organic fruits, veggies, and herbs geared for optimum nutrition and peak energy. Food medicine at its finest. Smoothie options include :: Mushroom Chocolate, Green Goddess, and Banana Nutty. Juices include :: Berry Beet and Sweet Greens. Yum. Additional power ups of CBD and GABA are also available to take your experience to the next level.

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