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Awakening Fire with Primal Nature

Presenter - Primal Nature

Discover the wonder, joy and mystery of fire. Learn how to make practical survival skills-style fires for your own safety and growth. Yet, we will also explore the deeper mythological significance of fire and what it means in our lives. No matter what your experience level you will leave with a deeper primal relationship with one of our main elements: fire.

Breathe Life into Your Character – Gamified Eclectic Ritual Design

Presenter - Feralithics

Create your own character in the grandest adventure of all - your own life! Use gamification principles to uncover your unique character traits and then collaborate with others to form a guild team. Complete Quests, Adventure Together, & Level Up Your Life! Together we will explore ways to create a personal ritual for honoring and breathing life into the character being created for your ultimate game: connection with one's own sacred path.

Cacao and Breathwork Journey with Jerred and Natalie

Presenters - Jerred and Natalie

This is the portal to blasting beyond your physical limitations. This breathwork allows us to transcend normal states of consciousness, to expand into the infinite possibility of the formless realms. As we hyper-oxygenate our cells we’re taken on a journey through the universe. Cacao aligns us in the vibration of love and allows us to perceive our experience through the lens of love. It is through journeying with this sweet plant medicine we open our hearts to new capacities and anchor our minds in the infinite ocean of unconditional love. We ebb and flow through waves of emotions, visuals, physical sensations and elevated states of be-ing, coming back into our bodies to carry this new found awareness and open heart into the physical world we live in.

Cascadia Diplomat Training: Take Action for an Amazing Idea and Movement

Presenter - Department of Bioregion

Cascadia and its underlying philosophy of bioregionalism continue to inspire future generations to challenge the status quo and what is possible, envision something different and act on what could be. What is the world that you would want to live in if all reality were stripped away? Join us as we explore your ideas, projects and get active to build a better Cascadia and world for all us.

Cosmic Chemistry Tie-Dye Fun Lab!

Presenter - Cosmic Chemistry

Cosmic Chemistry's Tie-Dye Fun Lab is back and excited to teach all the villages of Cascadia Music Festival the magic of Tie-dye art! So bring a 100% white clothing item and join us in Mythica Village Friday and Saturday at noon-3pm!

Cuts, Braids & Weaves 101 with Virginia Li

Presenter - Virginia Li

Have you always wanted to make your own festival-wear? Come learn how to cut & braid your very own masterpiece! We'll have a short discussion about clothing sustainability and about different ways to upcycle & recycle your clothing, followed by a hands-on workshop where you'll learn the ins and outs of cutting & braiding. BYOG (bring your own garment)

Kidding Around Yoga with Eve

Presenter - Life in Motion Yoga

Yoga Fun and Games for the whole family! Enjoy a song and dance play-shop specifically designed for parents, caregivers, and their little ones (ages 0-6). Bring out your magical yoga glasses, and a healthy dose of imagination, and get ready for a high-energy, fun-filled class utilizing music, stories, props, games, and more. You’ll find all the elements of a ‘big person’ yoga class sprinkled throughout the class: pranayama, meditation, asana practice, and even a creative savasana at the end. This class is sure to get everyone—grown-ups and children alike—movin’, groovin’, and breathin’ in no time!

Luna Rasa: Essence of the Moon | Lunar Yoga

Presenter - Luna Rasa Yoga

Prepare to be doused in moon magic as you immerse yourself in the essence of the moon- Luna Rasa- through this lunar yin yoga class and ritual. Connect to your intuition and create space to receive the softness and rejuvenation of the moon's energy so that you can flow through your Cascadia NW adventure with grace and ease.

Making Basic Plant Medicines: Teas, Tinctures, Capsules with Terralumina Gardens

Presenter - Terralumina Gardens

Have you grown or wanted to grow medicinal plants for years, but didn't know where to start on how to use the plants once grown or foraged? In this class we will cover 3 medicinal preparations and how to decide which to use under different circumstances. We will be making an adrenal support tea, 2 useful tinctures (Lady's Mantle, and Skullcap) and making valerian capsules.

Movement as Medicine--A Gentle Yin Practice with Life in Motion Yoga

Presenter - Life in Motion Yoga

A gentle flow and Yin yoga practice intended to encourage restoration of the body and mind. Poses are approached from the lens that opening the body slowly and mindfully, with respect for any injuries or structural limitations, promotes healing and a return to natural states of wellness. Calming to the nervous system and focused on lengthening the fascia and connective tissues of the body, this class utilizes various traditional yin poses blended with creative forms of movement therapy techniques, breath-work, long, passive holds, props, and a gentle yoga sequence. Perfect for sore bodies or for bodies recovering from injury or illness. All levels welcome~ Please bring your own water and mat if you have one.

NinjaDragon Flow with Cadian Molumby (and kids' version too!)

Presenter - Cadian Molumby

Tap into your inner lightwarrior and channel unlimited energy in this dynamic, martial arts based class on movement and energy. Through qigong, dynamic movements, kung fu, contact dance and light sparring, learn to control internal power and engaging with a partner in this fast paced class on human connection and development.

There will be two workshops: one for adult and one for kids; check the schedule for details on where/when. 

Play Live! Seminar with Sunshine Jones

Presenter Sunshine Jones

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Sunshine has been known for compelling all-hardware performances for many years. His tours have taken him all over America and beyond, spreading the gospel of house music, produced live via analog synths, drum machines and micro synths. 

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of performing live as well as some studio tips and is not to be missed for aspiring and professional electronic and live producers! 

Pre-Funk Yoga Tune-Up with Limber Yoga & Wellness

Presenter - Limber Yoga & Wellness

Want to get your body ready for a day of music, connection, and expression? In this all levels playful slow flow you will learn the importance of breath connection to deepen the effects of yoga postures and to bring more awareness to how you feel. Once your body is warm we will dive into the places we hold tension from travel, setting up camp, dancing and sleeping on a different surface with yoga massage balls. If you want to feel like you've had a massage from head to toe then come Pre-Funk to get your vessel Tuned Up.

Queens with Shay Simone

Presenter - Shay Simone

Queens : A dance burlesque class taught by Shay Simone.This is a dance class for those who wish to get a great work out and learn some new moves in a body positivity environment!

SKINESPHERES: Somatic Ecologies in a More-Than-Human World with Iván Espinosa

Presenter - Iván Espinosa

What does it mean to be moved through deep listening to surreal, ecological imagery? What happens when we attempt to let go of our usual ways of moving through the world, to embody abstract shapes and textures from the richness and magnificence of ECOSYSTEMS and earthly communities other than our own? What happens when the body and mind re-orient their usual narratives, if only for a moment, and surrender to the transformative realm of the More-Than-Human World?


Dance artist Iván Espinosa invites you to be part of a creative movement workshop exploring the relationship(s) between body and landscape, sensorium and ecosystem, the flesh and the Earth. Part movement meditation, part experimental dance, part environmental study, the exercises in this workshop can help us to cultivate a heightened experience of the body, in which normative perceptions of space and time begin to dissolve and we can, once again, re-attune our entire sensorium to the infinite rhythms of the Ecosphere.

Slackrobatics with the Wriggle Warriors

Come and see the wonderful world of slackcrobatics! Here you'll see the wonders of the modern day tight rope walkers, except we've loosened up a bit. We walk dangerously thin lines from tree to tree, juggle blunt objects on unicycles, burst into choreographed acroyoga, and do flips for your amusement. All of this for no charge other than your laughs and gasps! Of course, when the day's sun shines most brightly we recoil to our hammocks.


This circus-esque scene is not only a performance of much interest, but also a great place to stop in and watch your children learn a new skill, watch your partner stubbornly try something new, and a space to lazily lounge in a peaceful hammock.

Talk Birdy to Me: Connect with Nature through the Songs and Sounds of Birds with Nathaniel Peters

Presenter - Nathaniel Peters

Did you know that most birds produce their vocalizations through a part of their throat called a syrinx that has two sets of vocal cords? This means that many birds can not only form two separate notes simultaneously, but can even produce two separate melodies simultaneously! Did you know that bird song and vocalization is just one of the many ways birds use sound for communication? Allow me to lead you in a workshop on the Songs and Sounds of Cascadian Birds and together let us strengthen our connection to the natural world around us.


In my workshop, I will help you understand how birds create vocalizations and sounds, what they can communicate through these different vocalizations and sounds, and how you can identify the Cascadian birds around you based on these vocalizations and sounds. When one understands the identity and meaning of bird communications, it provides one with an invaluable perspective into the nature and health of the environment. The study of bird song and sound has greatly enriched my life and my connection to nature, and I hope it can do the same for you!

Tuning to the Freakwency of You with CoNectar

Presenter - CoNectar

Bring your voice and body sounds to a weird improvisational journey of musical play that will travel through the magical spaces of your navel, ancestral healing streams, fairy realms, and uncharted regions. Burke Mulvany and Jay Darling have been crafting and sharing musical soul work for over 20 years together. Clear blocks of past creative shaming. Kick that critic out of your head. Jump the tracks on your normal musical expressions and ride a co-created magic carpet of sound to open up to the powerful medium of musical communication with your own team of helpers.

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